about us

Family at Guantame Point


“take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but good ideas”
A Big Blue 1969 Bedford Bus motorhome.  A couple who seem to have left the system…again. Five lovely, noisy, creative kids. A solar cooker, a veggie garden and a learning centre on wheels…..
Welcome to GreenBus.

We love travelling Australia so much, we try to make sure we leave the smallest footprint possible. We love the sunsets, so we refuse to pollute the air. We love the fish, so we refuse to throw away plastic. We love the sun, so we intend on using its generous gifts of heat and light to their full potential. We love the freshwater springs and waterfalls, so we won’t add our chemicals to the mix.  And we love local farms, community gardens and family orchards, so we’ll park the Bus up and learn to sustain the land, and be sustained by it.
Join us as we travel slowly and intentionally.
We’ll be free camping, wwooffing, volunteering and spending money in small towns.  We’ll go to festivals and share our solar set-up, and any other tread-lightly tips that anyone is interested in.
But first, we are converting our bus from diesel to  waste veggie oil to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  There’ll be minimal ongoing fuel costs, and we’ll be using a waste product, and leaving fossil fuel in the ground, where it belongs.
You can sign up to receive our posts, (won’t be too often) or browse our blog for recipes, DIY tricks or good old sunset photos. Of course, when we have massive experiment failures, we’ll tell you all about them too.
We hope to meet you on the road!!
By the way, GreenBus is blue.