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Green Bus – not just a paint job

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GreenBus at Lucky Bay, Esperance
Here’s our bus.  Its blue. But we want to make it green. I’m not talking about a paint job.
What does that even mean? What is ‘green’? you can buy almost anything and have it labelled ‘green’.
Well, the more we listen and learn about the state of this unique and precious earth, the more we want to live so that we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.
You KNOW the problem.  Greenhouse gases, climate change, rising seas, deforestation, salinity, species extinction, plastic islands, loss of biodiversity, extreme weather ……..
We want to stop being part of trashing things, and start being part of the recovery process.


BUT, we also wanna be feral homeschooling hippies who live in an old bus, follow the sun, sleep on the beach, eat weeds, put flowers in our hair and dance to a different drum when there’s a glorious sunset.

Oli at Perlubie

Hmmmm.  What to do? Is living in a bus green? Or do we have to make changes so that our life in the bus BECOMES green.  Well, we thought we’d drive around a bit and ask people. People who understand the science, understand the issues and know what lifestyle changes to make. And other people who know other stuff, and know about BIG changes that the nation and the economy need to make.  And normal everyday people making little changes too.


But first, we’ve lived in our bus for nearly 3 years. It’s a diesel, and we churn out some pretty revolting black smoke. We never drive fast, or far, but when we do, we churn out those very gases we don’t believe in churning out. So the first thing we are going to do is convert our bus to run on Waste Vegetable Oil.  We’re going to enlist some help of people who know, buy some gear and learn how to get free WVO from shops and restaurants. We’re going to absolutely minimise the environmental damage done by our vehicle. We’re going to save a whole lot of money, and we’re going to smell like fish n chips as we tootle along. We are in great company here, check out the wonderful Charlie Magee.


Then what?  We plan to drive off, not far and not fast. We want to do some wwoofing, some volunteering, and some visiting. If you have a farm or a micro-enterprise or a green initiative, and want to share it, please let us know. If you are close to zero-waste, or live off the grid please invite us over!    We’ll ask you a bazillion questions, and maybe write a story about what we learn, to share with everyone!


How do you live so as to reduce your impact on the earth? How do you minimise your emission of greenhouse gases, lower your waste and reduce your consumption?  Tell us about it! Time is short, we don’t want to re-invent the wheel. What can you teach us?


And if you do it in a bus, or with 5 kids, or on a tight budget, you are our people and we especially want to hear about it!

Greenbus- not just a paint job.


  1. Awesome, my last home was a blue bedford coach-bus 🙂 I’m from the UK and just found your new blog through your last post on goinganyway. Looking forward to reading about your adventures again 🙂

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